Airwheel – BMS Shunt

Airwheel Q3

The Airwheel Q3 260wh has two paralleled 130Wh battery packs, each with its own  BMS (battery management system). Even this setup, if not shunted, is still dangerous, tatane33 has had a fractured jaw because of a sudden power cut on his Q3. Peppuzzo has shunted both BMS for added security. He wants a fail safe wheel, which is understandable even if shunting just one BMS is probably enough.

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Airwheel Q3 clone

Q3 clone, before and after the shunt. Note the manufacturer has make a bad wiring, soldering together C- and P-, which means the BMS has no overcharge protection !!
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Airwheel X3

Shunt directly B- to P- instead of shunting the mosfets. Very easy to do.

Airwheel X8

T1 and X1 are not easily distinguishable. When in doubt, shunt only the two middle Mosfets.


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  1. Willard

    I had no idea what shunting was until I came to this page. What wire do I need to use to do the shunt? And At the ends, is that just soldering wire?

    1. hobby16 Auteur de l’article

      Yes, soldering a wire is all is needed to shunt and secure your X3. I use a thick wire, eg from a kitchen appliance.

    1. hobby16 Auteur de l’article

      Unless the B- and P- markings are not clear on your X3’s BMS (it happens sometimes), just do as said above : connect B- to P- by a wire.
      If not sure, publish your picture with a drawing of the wire and ask confirmation before soldering. The mod is much easier than you think !

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