Airwheel Q3 & clones, how to double battery

Mod by Smallexis from

The Airwheels Q3 and its clones has big housing and a lot of internal space for a big battery pack. To double the capacity of the anemic original pack from 130Wh to 260Wh, Alexis has soldered individual cells recovered from an spare pack in parallel with existing cells, one by one. He has also shunted the BMS, of course.

The original 16S1P pack has been modded into a 16S2P, a setup commonly found in many wheels with 260Wh or more, like Firewheel, Gotway, TG…

It is possible to buy individual cells with tab from a battery vendor for this mod. I just slightly raise my nose to the solder blobs too near to the cell’s poles. Better have them at the tip of the tabs to avoid heating the cell.

All in all, a very neat and usefull mod, doubling riding range and giving a « secured » BMS without power cut, what not to like !

Pack before mod and without the BMS shunt

Paralleling each cell on one side

And on the other side

Wrapping the whole pack in heavy tape

A complete charge monitored by Charge Doctor : 4.0Ah and 229 Wh

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  1. TomQ

    Nice hack, I’m planning to do the same on my (rare) Himiway EU. I see though that you’re mixing mAh ratings of batteries. Do you think it’s safe? I was considering adding a set of 16 2900mAh (which are on a good discount) to my existing set of 16 2200mAh, but I’m a bit worried about the old ones discharging and charging quicker than the new ones and eventually blowing up… any advice?

    1. hobby16 Auteur de l’article

      Oh yes, it’s perfectly safe to parallel different capacities, we do it all the time in the RC world.
      By definition, in a parallel setup, one battery can NOT « discharge or charge » quicker than the other (s), no matter what difference in age or capacity.

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