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King-Song / Gotway comparison

King Song is a promising brand that deserves recognition given the incredibly neat finish of its wheels:  coated electronic board (nothing on the Gotway), tightly sealed compartments, mainboard aluminium heat sink thermally facing the wheel to greatly increase heat dissipation,  comfortable foam leg rest. Ergonomically, I appreciate the following points which are desperately needed on the Gotway: not thicker than a Solowheel therefore much more comfortable for the legs, removable battery, fanless and thus totally silent charger, head and rear lights, USB socket 5V / 2A to recharge GPS, smartphone, flashlight, camera …

King Song wheels are copies of Gotways as to the electronics and the motor, so the riding performance is that of Gotways.
Here is a comparison of the mainboards of the two 14  » wheels, they both share many identical components.

1: STM32 Cortex F103C8T uP (48 pins)
2: step down power converter
3: current sensor
4: gyroscop IC
5: mosfet driver
6: input capacitor
7: additional switching power supply for the USB connector (and lights?)
8: Unknown

Mainboard King Song 14 «  Motherboard King Song 14

Mainboard Gotway 14 «  Motherboard Gotway 14

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