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6A charger with the Charge Doctor

Electric scooters usually have high Ah batteries to make up for lower voltage compared to unicycles’ batteries. Dualtron scooters for example have 11Ah, 15Ah even 22Ah batteries! Charging at 2A with a single generic charger then becomes quite long.
Quick charging can be done using a multi-socket collector to connect up to 3x 2A-chargers, allowing more than 6A charge currents. For a 11Ah-battery, 6A corresponds to a 0.55C charge, so even such high current can still be considered a « soft » charge (recommanded charge current)).

Multi-socket collector « Minimotors » for Dualtron, with 3 inputs

The Charge Doctor-duo can be used to connect up to 3 (even 4) chargers after a very simple, quick and free mod. While allowing fast charging, it also comes with the usual intelligent features: display of V, I, Wh, Ah, datalogging and most especially automatic charge-ending to prolong the battery life.

N.B. For Dualtron scooters, order the Charge Doctor on the Buy page, version reference = « Charge Doctor V2 DOUBLE INPUT for Airwheel, Solowheel, Firewheel ».


1) dismount the connectors of chargers 1 and 2
2) desolder charger 2 and solder its wires in parallel to charger 1
3) chargers 1 and 2 are now connected to one ouput connector to make a « double charger 1&2 » delivering 2x2A= 4A

Charging at 6A with the Charge Doctor, connexion scheme

Charge current
2 A charge 3 alone
other option : double charger 1&2 with only charger #1 powered
4 A double charger 1&2
6 A charger 3 + double charger 1&2

*detailed steps

disassembled connector


chargers #1 and #2 soldered in // to the same connector


double charger 1&2 connector

Airwheel Q3 & clones, how to double battery

Mod by Smallexis from

The Airwheels Q3 and its clones has big housing and a lot of internal space for a big battery pack. To double the capacity of the anemic original pack from 130Wh to 260Wh, Alexis has soldered individual cells recovered from an spare pack in parallel with existing cells, one by one. He has also shunted the BMS, of course.

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Keep the Gotway quiet

The buzzer on my Gotway 14″ MCM 2S 340Wh is very loud. It’s a piezzo device, powered by a 25% duty cycle 3.3 khz square signal. The signal’s amplitude is 65V (the battery voltage !), no wonder it’s loud, and super duper annoying for you and certainly much more for pedestrians.

Unfortunately, as it has been said at length on the forum, the buzzer can’t be cut off because the GW has no tactile warning like tilt-back or vibrations on any other wheels. Without the beeping, you can overspeed (which can happens even at… 6km/h when the battery is near flat) and then, the wheel WILL shut the power down and throw you off. Yeah, as unbelievably stupid as it seems, it’s totally true : the wheel shuts the power down when riding to… protect you, nice logic, no ?

To reduce the volume and to make a Gotway ride more bearable, I don’t do the 100 Kohm potiometer-series-connected mod, it’s has been out there since the Gotway exists as a testimony of the super duper annoying buzzer (Gotway, please, do something !!!).

Here is my way to tone down the buzzer : a screw.