Charge Doctor for INMOTION

INMOTION unicycles have 20S batteries (nominal voltage 72V, charger voltage 84V) instead of the 16S classic topology on most other electric unicycles. Models V3 and V5 use the « square Lenovo » connector and model V8 uses the GX12-3 pin connector (same connector and same wiring as hoverboards). Charge Doctors for IMMOTION wheels are now available, in single-input or double-input versions.

Warning, IMMOTION battery packs have less capacity than Gotways or King Song’s. So when using the CD-double-input, check that your setup does not charge at more than 1C (see article on « charge currents« ). The CD’s usefullness is not only in allowing fast charging, it is mostly in the autocut function to automatically stop charging at 80% or 90% to preserve the the battery and considerably extend its mileage.

(72V nominal/ 84V charger)
Connector Wh
Charge* at 1.5A
(1 charger)
Charge* at 3A
(2 chargers in //)
V3 Lenovo 144 2 0.7C 1.5C to be avoided!!!
V5 Lenovo 288 4 0.4C 0.7C
V5+ Lenovo 460 6.4 0.2C 0.4C
V8 GX12-3 460 6.4 0.2C 0.4C
V10 GX12-3 650 9 0.17C 0.33C
V10F GX12-3 960 13.3 0.11C 0.22C

*For a 2Ah battery, 1C charge corresponds to charging at 2A. On LiIon batteries, a <0.5C charge is considered a soft charge, a >1C charge is not recommended.

Charge Doctor double input with Lenovo connectors, for INMOTION V3 & V5


Charge Doctor single input with GX12-3 connector, for INMOTION V8, V10, V10F, Solowheel Glide 3

Charge Doctor double input with GX12-3 connector, for INMOTION V8, V10, V10F, Solowheel Glide 3

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